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I’m Mr Live Producer AKA Lance and if you're here you're interested in what I do and what I can potentially do for you. So have a look around and it should help explain what i can do to help you!

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Combat Sports
Combat Sports

Mr Live Producer has been a regular fixture in the Australian Combat Sports community for the last 10 years.  Having started out as a cage camera operator in 2012 to currently running “One Media Productions” who are one of the most valued combat sports production crews located in Queensland, Some promotions will actually reschedule the event if One Media Productions is already booked for that event date. To that end One Media Productions can be booked up to 1 year in advance.

Content Creator
Content Creator

Having one of the most engaging VR streams on Twitch, combined with the unique effect redemptions makes watching the content that Mr Live Producer creates to be a one of a kind experience. Utilising the unique skill set that Mr Live Producer has with his live event experience combined with his love of gaming and memes makes the content he produces an event in themselves. 


Combined with his skills in asset management and studio productions, while working in community tv has given Mr Live Producer a different and refreshing view on how to do content creation. Working with what he has and not what he wished he had he is more than happy to talk people through his creation process whenever asked.

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